Physics and Model Rocketry

I have never understood why those teaching physics do not make more use of model rocketry. Several years ago I got the idea of making several YouTube videos to do exactly that. I even got so far as making lesson plans and buying a wide variety of model rocket kits and motors. What I did not do is find the time to actually build any rockets or make any videos. Like many people, I start projects with greater frequency than I complete them.

Some weeks ago, while sorting things out in my basement, I finally admitted to myself that the rocketry video project belonged in my abandoned-ideas file. That left me with hundreds of dollars worth of flight hardware in need of a more deserving home.

Over the past two years I have tutored some students from the Pemberton Woods campus of Glenlyon Norfolk School (GNS) and have been impressed with their delivery of the International Baccalaureate (IB) programme. In the early months of 2014 that brought me into correspondence with a physics teacher there so I emailed him to ask if he had any interest in taking the items off my hands. His response was enthusiastic so two days ago I delivered everything shown here to James Irvine and three of his students. They certainly were appreciative so I was happy to let it all go.

gnsRocketry009 gnsRocketry004


Have fun lads and remember to invite me to your first launch day.

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