15 Most Valuable College Majors

Tutor can help with tough subjects

As a private tutor and, more fundamentally, as a human being, I will never try to convince a student or a parent that earning potential should be the sole consideration for choosing an educational path, but it’s not something that most families can afford to completely ignore.

The image above links to a Forbes article that summarizes the starting median pay, mid-career median pay, growth in pay, and projected job growth for a wide variety of professions. They all share the need for a strong foundation in mathematics. Most of them also require training in physics, chemistry, or biology.

Some of my students have known exactly what they wanted to do with their lives. Others have been much less certain. My advice to the latter is always the same. Keep your options open. Take the most challenging courses you can get your hands on. This position comes from working with people in their early 20s who are starting university after a few years of working or who want to abandon a non-technical major. Having avoided math, calculus, physics, and chemistry courses in grade 12 and/or the first year of university, they have a lot of catching up to do. I have brought them back up to speed but if they had taken the “hard” courses earlier they would not have needed as much help from me.

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