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The Major Factors Affecting Math Learning

This article in Science Daily describes research that indicates an increasing role of motivation and study skills, rather than intelligence, as students progress through the later years of learning math. “Competencies to learn in math involve factors that can be … Continue reading

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Cool Math Jobs

As a math and physics tutor, I often ask my students what they think learning math can do for them. Some of the answers I get are very well-informed and come from those who have a clear idea of what … Continue reading

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Scandalous Mathematical Thoughts

Since nearly every adult in our society has received at least some formal education, most of us have opinions on what should and should not be taught in our schools. For a very significant segment of the population, math in … Continue reading

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Physics, Finite Math, Calculus in 2013

As every tutor knows, the beginning of a new year is a joyous occasion for his or her students because it means new physics problems to solve, new finite math problems to solve, new calculus problems to solve, and new … Continue reading

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