The following are examples of what some of my students and/or their parents have said about me and about my work.


Brian was my daughter’s brilliant tutor from March 2015 to April 2016. Together they started with Physics 12 while she attended Reynolds Secondary and they finished with Math 100 & Math 101, which were the Calculus courses required during her first year of engineering at UVIC. My daughter appreciated Brian’s wealth of knowledge and his ability to facilitate her understanding of complex concepts. Brian was accommodating and flexible. He was a true professional. Brian’s style and manner were a perfect fit for my daughter’s learning style and I highly recommend him!

Laura P.


Brian is the reason I was able to finish my Biology degree in 2016! After studying at university for three years and then moving to a Gulf Island I found myself needing only one class to graduate – calculus! Having done very little math for several years and remembering my struggles with algebra in high school math classes I had little hope in my ability to complete the course. However, Brian’s encouragement and expertise made all the difference. I appreciated his care for me as a student and his willingness to go the extra mile in helping me understand the material. His online format was perfect for my situation and he did a great job of making the most of the time. I would highly recommend Brian as a tutor to anyone looking to gain mathematical confidence and aptitude.

Rebecca Prins


Brian tutored me for math 102 during my first year at UVic both online and in person. As a student who struggled with math Brain was excellent in giving me throughout and easy to understand explanations for the concepts I didn’t understand. Furthermore, he is extremely knowledgeable, encouraging and able to adapt to different teaching styles. The online sessions ran flawlessly and were just as effective as those in person. Overall my experience with Brain was great as he increased my math confidence which resulted in an A- in the class.

Sydney C.


Brian Chapel tutored my son from January 2014 to May 2014 after his grade 11 physics struggle became apparent. Not only was my son’s mark in physics dropping dramatically below his other marks, but he was becoming fearful that physics was going to affect his overall GPA and university options. In addition my son has some learning difficulties with very strong strengths and very weak weaknesses; with physics having been the biggest struggle so far.

Brian proved to be extremely flexible, reliable and above-all infinitely patient with my son’s need for repetition and confidence building. His mark went from dangerously close to failing, to high 70s in the period of 4 months. While my son doesn’t plan to continue with physics into grade 12, and he professes to never like it we will get through it thanks to Brian’s dedication and knowledge.

I highly recommend Brian Chapel as a tutor.



Brian Chapel tutored my son who is a student at Oak Bay High School in Physics 11 and Pre-calculus 11 from September 2013 to June 2014. Physics 11 was challenging for my son. Due to Brian’s knowledge, patience, and ability to explain complex concepts, my son successfully completed both courses. My son enjoyed working with Brian. Brian is a kind and generous person with a lovely sense of humour.

I highly recommend Brian as a tutor.

Elisabeth Kirchner


Brian tutored me for a year in engineering calculus. He was not only very knowledgeable in the field, but also explained any concept I didn’t understand – from the basics of cross multiplying fractions to the more complicated parts of calculus – in very simple yet comprehensive terms. Since working with Brian my confidence in math has SHOT UP dramatically, and I have found a new, and strong appreciation for the subject (something I would have NEVER anticipated). An additional thing to mention is that my course was delivered in a distance format. Brian held me accountable to my proposed schedule, ensuring that I meet my self imposed deadlines and don’t fall behind due to incomprehension or feelings of being overwhelmed. He was also able to help me on many chemistry and physics questions. Whoever gets Brian as their tutor will find a person who not only has a deep understanding of scientific subjects, but is also passionate about finding a way of making material more accessible to his students. I thoroughly appreciated his patience, guidance and commitment to helping me do my best in this course. Anyone who works with Brian, would undoubtedly be receiving a superior tutoring experience.

Valery H.


Our son, who attends Oak Bay High, has been using Brian’s tutorial service for physics and calculus with great success. As our son has shared with us, Brian can take a complex lesson and explain it with such clarity that it makes it easy to understand. We have always found him to be professional, considerate and knowledgeable. It is without hesitation that we would recommend his service to others who are looking for quality tutorials.

C & M Grey-Dreaper


Our sons, ages 14 and 17, at Oak Bay High have really enjoyed working with Brian. He is a patient, knowledgeable teacher who is able to take complicated math concepts and make them easy to understand. We recommend Brian without hesitation as an excellent math tutor.

Valerie and Leonard Carson


Thanks to Brian’s easy-to-understand explanations, my daughter has gained the self-confidence to be successful in mastering Physics 11 at Oak Bay High.

Brian is very professional and a pleasure to deal with. I would highly recommend him to other students.

Sam K.


To whom it may concern.

Regarding the Tutoring services of Brian Chapel.

My son is in grade twelve, and was having trouble with calculus early in the year. As this is his graduation year he was quite stressed. He started using Brian Chapel back in September of 2012, and has been doing very well ever since. He has made my son feel comfortable, and far more confident in his studies. Brian has also worked with him on his physics when needed, which has also been extremely beneficial.

We have been very happy with Brian, and highly recommend his services.


Daniel Doore


I’m very glad we found you.



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