More Requests for a Coding Tutor?

Girls learning coding in Victoria

The most common subject that I tutor online and here in Victoria is mathematics (pre-calculus, calculus, finite). After that, in order of decreasing demand, are physics, chemistry and coding. My post-secondary training in chemistry is minimal so I am glad that I only get a few requests a year to tutor that subject but it would be nice if more people asked me for help with coding. Every now and then I see indications that this may be changing.

I generally regard 1996 as the year the internet entered mainstream conversation. Most of my students were born just after that so they have never known life without it. Since they are all very comfortable with internet services like Facebook and Instagram, it is tempting to believe that they are very knowledgeable about everything to do with the internet. This is is faulty reasoning that leads to an invalid conclusion. Most of them know only what they need to know to do what they want to do, like post a comment or share a photo. I have met very few who have any clue about how computer programs work.

Some of my students have taken computer programming courses in school but, considering how heavily our lives are influenced by software written by total strangers, I am continually surprised by how few of them have done so and by the fact that it is optional.

Two or three years ago, before I started working mostly online, I tutored a student at Saint Margaret’s School so I was very pleased when this CHEK TV news story caught my attention a couple of weeks ago.

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