Camosun College Interurban Campus

Interurban Campus Centre Building

Earlier this week I started working with a new student. Most of my work as a private math and physics tutor has been done at my students’ homes in Oak Bay but my routine with this student will be to meet at his school. In this case that’s the Interurban Campus of Camosun College in Saanich.

Last winter I took a social media course at Interurban but really did not get to look around the campus. It was an evening continuing education course so it was dark outside and all I had time for was to walk between the parking lot and the classroom. This week I had time to look around during daylight and had a student to show me around inside the main buildings.

The campus has a very bright and spacious feel to it, even on dull foggy days, so I look forward to spending plenty of time out there in the months to come.

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