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Tutor yourself in math and physics with these online courses

When people find out that I am a mathematics and physics tutor they sometimes tell me that they wish they had learned more about those or related subjects but believe that it is no longer practical for them to do so. They are all very aware of the vast resources available for free on the web. The problem is that most of the information is poorly organized and of inconsistent quality and style. Formal courses do provide structure but evening classes are usually the only ones that fit the schedules of working people. Unfortunately, those tend to be limited to qualitative introductions, offering none of the depth that can only come from solving assigned mathematical problems.

Many people know that for-credit online courses are available from major educational institutions. Sadly, wading through the web sites of a growing list of universities in an effort to compare their offerings can be very confusing. I recently came across My Education Path. The web site organizes online courses from multiple providers by category. If someone is looking for courses on mathematics, physics, or any other academic subject, they can find them listed in a consistent manner, making it easy to compare them by description, institution, popularity, and cost (usually free). This is a big improvement over Googling “online math courses” or “physics by distance education” and then trying to sort through the search results.

The biggest problem I can see with My Education Path is that it makes it easy to get distracted. I started off by looking for something on orbital mechanics but soon found myself reading about courses on rocket propulsion, climate change, nuclear reactor design, dynamics of the atmosphere, and many other topics. This is a good problem to have.

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