Mathematical Drought Nearly Over

Time away from math and physics tutor

This is the last day of one of the saddest periods of the academic calendar here in Victoria. For the past two weeks, most students have been subject to a sick joke called Spring Break.

How can a modern western democracy deprive its youth of mathematics, calculus, physics, chemistry, and other joyful forms of mental nourishment? Getting through weekends with only homework for sustenance is painful enough but two mind-softening weeks is 14 days too long. Some may argue that Spring Break is obviously much shorter than the summer holiday period. This is true but the summers are much sunnier. The reduced cloud cover and increased hours of daylight provide a psychological boost that make that two-month math and physics shortage easier to cope with. This, no doubt, explains why so many students beg their parents to send or take them to such places as California and Florida in March. It provides some consolation for their academic deprivation.

Hopefully those students who did not get to work with tutors during Spring Break were able to keep their minds in shape by watching Khan Academy videos about polynomial division, trigonometric identities, combinatorics, implicit differentiation, Reimann sums, angular momentum, inelastic collisions, and many other sentimental favourites.

I love the smell of logarithms in the morning. It feels like…victory.

Anyone under 50 should probably just ignore the above cinematic reference.

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  1. Norma says:

    Maybe this was why my mother was kind and considerate enough to send me to math tutor everyday during spring break. Lest some of that precious learned math seeped out into the universe…Nx

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