Burn Notice Science Challenge

Aside from topics related to math, physics, and tutoring, espionage is one of my favourite subjects. This past week I found out that the US TV series Burn Notice is sponsoring a science competition for high school students. The challenge is to accomplish one of three tasks, any one of which would require paying serious attention to physics and could easily require the use of some high school math.

Burn Notice is a US network program so it’s not surprising that participation in the official competition is limited to legal residents of the United States. However, there is nothing to stop anyone here in Victoria from attempting any one of the three challenges on their own, just for the fun of it and for the educational value. I would love to see a local school organize a similar event. Zombies and vampires are a dime a dozen these days but there are still job openings for spies. A well-executed solution to any one of the challenges would be an impressive feature on a resume. Demonstrations of initiative and innovation are always a good idea when applying for a scholarship or for that first science job.

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