The Storm Before the Calm

With the end of the current high school semester only two weeks away, parents are suddenly scrambling to find tutors to help their children pull up their course averages with good grades on their final exams.  In the past 36 hours I have had to turn away five new students because I have so little time left in my schedule this month.

Curiously, three of the requests for tutoring that I had to decline were from adult students at Royal Roads University (RRU).  Their semester has only started recently so they are not part of the January exam cram; they just happened to come along at the same time as the wave of high school students.  Maybe some of them will call me back in February when work calms down as the younger ones start their next semester.  I like the RRU campus but have never done any work out there.  It’s a bit beyond my preferred driving radius but working with students there would be convenient if I could do it at times of low traffic on the Colwood crawl.  With good timing I could even take the bus out there.

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